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Day to Day Farming Operation

1000 acres in total are farmed by Mana Romney Stud and the operation is predominantly Romney Sheep run on Maungaraki Hill country. The farm runs 5000 stock units in total, with a small number of stud Suffolk's and finishes commercial lambs and cattle in association with running the Romney Stud.

In recent times Malcolm has begun breeding Romney/Perendale Sheep due to the demand and enquires from clients. The farm utilises both Studfax and SIL computer technology together with common-sense stockmanship to produce high quality sheep.

Mana Romney Stud enjoys a loyal client base and generally approaches the ram-selling season with a full book of orders. Stud Rams are also auctioned at Fielding yearly with good results.

In 2002 Mana Romney Stud achieved top price for the sale of $8700.00.

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Mixed Age Breeding Ewes

Breeding Objectives

  1. Use computer technology (studfax & SIL) to make genetic gain with focus on growth to 200 days & lamb carcase weights 18-22 kg's all grading.
  2. Fertility (number of lambs born) and survivability of same.
  3. Produce easy care sheep with milking & mothering ability. Ewes to have ability to wean 2 lambs at 35-40 kgs.
  4. Produce quality
    White wool
    Open faced Romneys with excellent colour

Genetic Trend Graphs for Flocks 1241, 1897

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