Mana Stud

high performance rams & great service


1. What should you look for in a ram?

We believe in selecting sheep with structural soundness (sound feet, jaw & shoulders and no black fibre) followed by using estimated breeding values to ensure we are selecting high production rams. You can use individual traits or an overall index to select the superior rams and of course eye appraisal.

2. How do you go about selecting our rams?

Once you have chosen your price range rams are sorted into wool type mobs. We believe you select on eye appraisal the best rams and eliminate them by using the available records.

3. What traits do you select for?

Our focus in on ewes producing 2 live lambs weaning 35-40 kg each. Our main traits are Weaning Weight (100 days). Autumn Weight (200 days), Number of lambs born, Survivability and fleece weight.

4. What is our Price Structure

Flock Rams are sold at the following prices $750, $550 & $450. Stud Rams are sold at the Fielding Stud Sale and privately from $1500.

5. What is our animal health policy?

We believe in minimal use of drench for our breeding ewes with 2 drenches a year, 1 prior to mating and the other prior to lambing.
Note: No slow release capsules are used in either breeding ewes or lambs. The lambs or hoggets are drenched monthly during the worm burden months of spring and autumn.

6. Why choose Mana Romney or Romdale genetics over other breeds or composites?

Mana Romneys have a strong constitution, heavy muscles, tops and hindquarters to withstand the hill country environment of both islands. Our operation is production based with ewes weaning excess of their body weight. We are consistently lambing above 150% to sale. With recording our operation for 70 years it has enabled steady genetic progress which we believe is a better option than the unknown of introducing several breeds.

We firmly believe the Romney Perendale X (Romdale) or ½ breed is an excellent option to increase your survivability or vigor of your flock without compromising the structural soundness and wool quality of your operation.